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Sonica the hedgehog's 3rd website

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Welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy what you see here. If you have comments and questions, ive added a comments and a contact me. Please send in your happy birthdays to me! For you on my birthday ive added a games section, have fun!

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Hi, this website is going fine so far but right now its under construction...still

Please let me know if you share my enthusiasm or enjoy my site!
Well look at those buttons, the red button is like the one my sky remote control, what does that do, anyways i will have loads of comps so keep your eyes peeled!
Also keep a eye out for secret buttons!!!


Click to see the page which will have...

What's new?

I have added more games in the games section.

Flash movies
my hoaxes
And finally,
OUR NEW AD! see the page "our new ad"

Cool & Cute egg song
Added to the
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Ooh! what does this secret button do?

click here for Keyboard games....its not mine though

This is Dulux world, these are samples of the funny animations, you can own them at and have it generated for your site free of charge.

Roses and Violets -->

By Sonica the hedgehog